Technical Tattoo Supply – Signature Tattoo Machines That Offer Artistic Flare

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Who says that your tattoo machine has to be the standard? If you find this to be boring because you are an artist, you should take a look at the technical tattoo supply that you can find online. You’d be surprised at how many unique machines they make. Five durable and popular, technical tattoo supply machines will be revealed in this article.

Fully Loaded Tattoo Machine
Want to feel like you are holding a real tattoo gun in your hands – with the Fully Loaded Tattoo Machine, you truly will. This machine is part of the technical tattoo supply protagonist’s treasure chest of goodies. This Iron Customs Series gun resembles the barrel of a gun with silver bullets loaded in a six shooter revolver. The 10-wrapped coil and 47 UF/50 V capacitor ensures stability, power and total control over the art you ink.  

The Invader Tattoo Machine
If the 4mm front post doesn’t get you, the design of this 8.6 oz tattoo gun surely will. Ideal as a liner or a shader, its mono clip cord and dynamic post make it a sweet bargain at technical tattoo supply stores, where you always find the better deal on guns like these online. The vintage-looking springs on the front and back take you to the pastime of tattooing history, while the capable steel frame and stable grip allow you to procure modern designs.

Infinite Steel Tattoo Machine
Want infinite steel, no gimmicks? This technical tattoo supply must-have is forged from straight-up Damascus steel for the ultimate in sturdiness and ruggedness. The dual 10-wrap coil allows for powerful, streamlined and accurate designs. The balance and precision of this sleek-looking gun is truly hard to top with any other gun.

The Griffin Tattoo Machine
Hand forged Damascus steel is as sturdy, durable and reliable as it gets with a technical tattoo supply tattoo machine such as this beast. Thermal insulated 10 wrap coils with brass front and back bindings and a 6.5 “sweet spot” voltage make it a winner every time. It’s perfect for line work, color packing and grey washing.

Zero G Tattoo Machine
This lighter gun shouldn’t fool you… it’s rather capable indeed. It features 7.5 volts of power, 10 wrap coils and an impressive 47uf 50V capacity. It’s one steady, durable and precision focused machine that has a comfortable grip and a long lifetime. Easily ideal for lining and shading and marathon full sleeve tattooing sessions.

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Technical Tattoo Supply – Signature Tattoo Machines That Offer Artistic Flare

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Technical Tattoo Supply – Signature Tattoo Machines That Offer Artistic Flare

This article was published on 2012/09/20